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GameHeroApp is a mobile device multiplayer game, built on the technology of augmented reality and powered by blockchain solutions. To start the game, you just need to sign up, it's free to start. Navigation tips will help you to detect your first evil creature to defeat. Depending on the evil creature’s level and power, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of CRSTL, which is a game payment unit. Artifacts, equipment and useful items for Superheroes can be purchased on the game marketplace, available for NFT creators.

Complete missions, defeat evil creatures, collect rewards, trade artifacts. Play to earn and move to earn. Available for IOS, Play Market, Huawei AppGallery, with low system requirements, free to start, GameHeroApp will become available for millions of people around the World without age requirements, nationality or type of gender.


GameHeroApp should attract people to move to the side of good and fight evil that surrounds us in our real life. The game should attract children, adults for playing and earning, because of easy to start, simple game process, friendly interface, fun animation and constant change of location.

Integration of well-known brands in the game will raise funds for the future project development and encourage players to lead a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and make them think about the meaning of good and evil.

Valuable artifacts will attract NFT creators to become a part of the game and refill the marketplace with their works for rewards from players, thus increasing the capitalization of the project.


Ecosystem of the GameHeroApp will be held and powered by UHERO and CRSTL. Tron chain was chosen because of its transaction speed, popularity, tronlink browser extension and mobile wallet, which will be integrated to the GameHeroApp.

UHERO is a share cryptocurrency issued on the TRON chain to attract investments for the development of the project and GameHeroApp.

UHEROs Total Supply: 10,000,000,000.000000

CRSTL is a payment unit within GameHeroApp, a cryptocurrency issued on the TRON chain

CRSTLs Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000.00

1 UHERO = 1000 CRSTL to be settled for the start.



ICO DISTRIBUTION: 10% of Total Supply

PRODUCT AND TECH GROW: 38% of Total Supply

LIQUIDITY: 12% of Total Supply

PARTNERS: 7% of Total Supply

FOUNDERS: 15% of Total Supply



A special marketplace will be developed to organize trades and transactions between players and NFT creators and attract NFT collectors and investors, as a separate product of the GameHeroApp project.

Along with the development of the project, the marketplace will grow up as a full-fledged NFT market.


Rigid business rules and security measures will protect players from visiting dangerous locations such as roads, unfriendly neighborhoods, religious places, cultural monuments and other sacred places. Parents control tools will allow adults to track movement of their children.


The GameHeroApp project brings to the world game product, which contains all recent successful technologies and business models for never-before-seen gaming experience.

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CEO, Andrey Akulenko
[email protected]

CTO, Sakir Kis
[email protected]