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Have you ever thought that superheroes have been living among us for a long time? Every child is a Superhero. Every mother is a Superhero, every father who takes care of his family is a Superhero. Every person who donates at least a penny to charity is a Superhero.

Everyone who fights for his life or for the life of loved ones is a Superhero. Making people smile and cry with happiness is a super power that is within us. The world needs superheroes, so let's become them and defeat evil, until the last moment when everyone becomes happy. Inside we are all Superheroes.

About App

More than 80 years have passed since the appearance of the first Superhero. The advent of comics marked the beginning of a new era in animation, and later in cinematography. Years passed, technology did not stand still... The first PC, the first Game Boy, Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, CS, Warcraft, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Bitcoin, VR, NFTs… Here we are in 2022. Today's technologies still do not allow us to realize our idea, to enable any person to become a Superhero, as real as we want it.

We take it to the next level.Reality

GameHeroApp will allow anyone to feel like a Superhero using an old smartphone or the brand new one and bodily presence in location-based mobile technologies. Use your mobile device, go outside, look for evil creatures, defeat them, and get rewarded with cryptocurrency. Find precious artifacts, accomplices, enemies. The whole world is open to you and needs your protection.

We are friends who, like everyone else, once dreamed of becoming superheroes. Time passes, we get older, toys have changed, but at heart we are still the same boys who love to play and have fun. Most of us are developers and crypto enthusiasts. We live ordinary lives and dream. We dream of the world of superheroes in real life. We want to share this with everyone, using our knowledge, modern technologies, and at the same time the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. We dream of a world where all people will be happy.